Monday, 25 May 2015

Skin Care

Whilst I was shopping at Tesco I noticed they had a new skincare range out. Part of their Pro range I believe. The packaging for the products is really nice and simple giving a fresh and clean feel to the product. Whats also really good about the products is that they are not very expensive, at all. They may be cheap and really good or they could be cheap and really crap, but I'm willing to give them a go. I bought the cleanser and eye makeup remover, combination skin day cream and the night cream, and also two packets of the peel-off face masks. 

The cleanser picked up a good amount of dirt on my face leaving my skin feeling clean and refreshed. After using the cleanser I put on the day cream which has left my face feeling soft and hydrated throughout the day. The face mask feels super great. It makes your face feel cold and fresh when you first put it on, and my favorite part has to be peeling it off. 

The night cream is really good. It is a little thicker than the day cream, but spreads really nicely over my face. It keeps my face nicely hydrated throughout the night, and keeps it feeling soft.

I also got a product which I have used in the past that I absolutely loved. I was on offer in Tesco so I just had to get it, it's the Witch Blemish Stick. I keep it on me all the time and when I feel a blemish coming on I simply apply the product and it instantly cools down the area and helps it from forming into anything else (it also stops me from picking at it).

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