Friday, 22 May 2015

Hair Growth Day One

Today I started my hair growth journey. I went to Boots to get the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment, and the best thing is, it was on offer. So I managed to get two tubs for £10. I'm also wanting to recolour my hair so I also bought two packets of Schwarzkopf new Ultra Brights range in Purple Punk, which were also on offer.

As I'm wanting to recolour my hair I'm trying to stripp the blue out, or at least so its fated quite a bit. I dont want to use any harsh chemical on my hair to get the colour out which is proving quite hard. At the moment I'm only using a cheap anti dandruff shampoo to try and srtipp the colour, but the blue in my hair is being very stubborn. 

After trying to washout some of the colour in my hair with the anti dandruff shampoo I used the hair growth treatment. On the tub it says to use an eggs sized amount of the creme and work it into your hair starting at the roots. I want to get the most out of the product and want it to last me as long as possible so I only used enough to nicely coat all of my hair. Whilst applying the product to my hair I flipped my hair over and massaged the treatment into my scalp for about 4 minutes, which is known as the Inversion Method. The product covered my hair really well and smells quite nice. After leaving it in for over 5 minutes I rinsed it out, then applied conditioner like usual. It left my hair feeling so nice and silky. 

Even though I've only used the product once I can feel that my hair feels softer and I noticed that less hair came out in the shower than it normally does. First impressions are pretty good, lets just hope that it does help with my hair growth.

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