Friday, 22 May 2015

Hair Growth Time!

So, I want to get my hair nice and long and feeling really healthy. But as I'm an impatient person I want to see results quickly. I've been looking around on the internet at different products and techniques to help me with hair growth.

I have quite short hair at the moment due to damage from over bleaching my hair. I'm always dying my hair different colours usually using La Riche Directions hair dyes, so at the moment my hair is different shades. Brunette roots, pink, purple, blue, and a little green. I don't want to put any harsh chemicals onto my hair in hope of helping me grow and strengthen it. That means no bleaching, no box dyes, no box strippers.

Through this process I want to send as little money as possible as I'm a student. The first technique I read about on the internet was the Inversion Method. This method is meant to give you up to 1 inch a week! Being an impatient person I thought thats great, if it works. I'm quite skeptical whether it works or not, but nonetheless I'm going to try it. Basically you have to flip your hair upside down and massage your scalp for about 4 minutes everyday, and it's recommended you use an essential oil to help. I will not be using an oil every time as I don't want to be washing my hair everyday.

I also came across the Lee Stafford Hair Growth product whilst searching the internet. I remember Helen Anderson using the product and she seemed to be impressed with the product, along with other reviews I looked at I'm willing to give it a go. Plus its on offer at Boots!

There are also a few product I've used in the past from Lush that I'm going to start using once again as well as a new one. The first product is a shampoo bar call NEW. It has cinnamon, clove, and peppermint to help stimulate your scalp. The bar smells great and last for ages. My hair does feel quite dry after using this product and I definitely need to use a conditioner. Lush now have a conditioner bar called JUNGLE which I am going to try out. The last product from Lush is ROOTS which is a scalp treatment made to help stimulate the scalp and hair follicles, it smells so nice and makes my hair feeling a lot stronger and healthier.

The bottom layers of my hair are just at my collarbone, and my top layers are about the top of my lip. The front of my hair is also quite short which makes my hair look even shorter. I'm trying to grow my top layers to just past my shoulders, and then get my hair cut in a nice style.

So wish me luck.

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