Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Perfect Jeans!

I've always struggled to find a pair of jeans that fit me right, so for a few years I gave up trying and just wore leggings. I decided it was time to try again as there are so many different types of jeans and so many places to look. I particularly wanted high waisted jeans as I think they are very versatile. I first had a look in Primark where I tried on a few pairs but found that although they fitted me round the legs nicely they were way too big around my waist and hips. The next shop I tried was Topshop. I had heard good reviews from different places all saying good things, so I gave them a go. I tried on a couple of pears and found that they fitted really nicely, but I was put off by the price. So I decided I would look around some more and if I didn't find any others I would come back and buy them. I then went into H&M. Their sizing is done in inches so I picked up a few around the size I thought I would fit. I found the perfect size and was pleased at how they fitted. They fit nicely round the legs and around my hips and waist. They feel super comfy, plus the price isn't too high. The fact that the jeans are done in inches really helps, as you can find the perfect size for you. I am so happy that after 5 years of not wanting to go through the hassle of trying out jeans and the disappointment of not finding any that fit right, had come to an end.

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