Tuesday, 8 September 2015

New Hair Straighteners & Hair Dryer

I have been in desperate need of some new hair straighteners and a new hair dryer for quite a while now. I had been looking around on the internet for good reviews and there are so many out there. Most are really expensive too. I was looked on Amazon and thought I could just buy a cheap pair for the time being and get some better ones later on. I got both the straighteners and hair dryer as a deal, as well as a Toni & Guy heat protection spray. 

I am so glad I got these and will not be buying some better ones as these are fabulous! I am pleasantly surprised at how good the straightners are. Even though the straightners only have two temperature settings they work like a charm! Both products left my hair feeling so smooth and soft. I dont have to straighten my hair very much after using the hair dryer, which is brilliant as I don't like putting lots of heat on my hair.

So over all I am extremely happy with my purchases and would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for some new, good, and reasonably priced straighteners and hair dryer.

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