Thursday, 9 July 2015

Uni House!

This year I will be living in a student house with four other girls. We met in our first year of uni and have became very good friends. I lived with two of the girl last year so know many of their good and bad habits already. There was no fighting over bedrooms which was good. I am in the front bedroom which happens to be the largest of them all. One of the things I loved about my room is that it has a very large deck, which will be very hand for me when I am getting on with my uni work. I like to stretch my sketchbook out and work with lots of space.

I am very excited about moving into our new house. I love decorating my room, and I have so many ideas as to how I want it to look. I keep looking at home decor thing online and everytime I go out shopping I have to look at the homeware section. I have to resist getting anything yet as I want to get things when I have moved in so I don't have to cart it all down to Portsmouth in the car (although I'm going to have to bring it all back with me at the end of the year).

This year will will be a lot closer to Albert Road, which has so many different places to go to. There are many pubs and bars for us to spend some crazy nights in. There are lots of unique and quirky shops to explore, and many diverse restaurants and cafes for us to stuff our faces at. There is also the Kings Theatre on Albert Road for us to go to if we fancy seeing any shows they may be playing.

Whats also good about being in a house next year is house parties! I love fancy dress parties and themes. I am already planning a Halloween party (as it is my favourite time of the year). Along with many other themed parties such as old people, super heros, beach party...

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