Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Time to lose some weight.

  I'm not one for dieting or at least sticking to one anyway, but the other day I was staring at myself in the mirror and I just hated the way I looked. So I think its time to do something about it. Tomorrow I will be starting a new diet. I'm going to be using Tesco's Ultra Slim shakes, one in the morning for breakfast, one for lunch, then a healthy meal for dinner.

  My mum once did the Slim Fast meal and lost a ton of weight and looked amazing! I'm going to be using Tesco's own make, as it's much cheaper and practically the same. I've been trying to look for reviews and such online but there isn't much out there, so I will be recording my progress and experience.

  At the moment I weigh 11st 7, and want to get down to at least 9st. I will try and put a diary entry in each day mainly so I can keep track on my progress.

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